March 30th, 2010

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Duuude, I think jesus dosn't want me to have dreads.
About 2 months ago I dreaded it myself. It looked messy, but in my opinion, not bad. I went to this hairdresser to see if he could ighten them up, and he just told me to take them out and get someone else to do them.

I combed/ripped them out, and went to a different salon. I told her how I wanted them, and sjhe showed me a picture of how she was going to do them.
Needless to say, 2 hours later and $120 poorer, I leave with these skinny braids that are about the width of spaghetti, and tons of gunk of my hair.
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sylar grin

Holi 2010 + Dreadies :D

For those who don't recall, I'm Ry. I haven't posted in a while, and in that span of time I combed out my old set, and recently put in a new set (completed as of 3/25). I recently went to Holi (Festival of Colours) and took/had a bunch of pictures taken, which include my dreadies.

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hey guys! my name is katy. i'm from michigan, near detroit.
i've been lurking for a ridiculously long time and finally decided this is the time for my first set of dreads.
i absolutely love them! i'm doing them very slow and pretty much on my own, because i want to experience it all.
i think they're about 7 days old now. i'm not positive. i started some, and then ripped some, and then took them out and redid them because i didn't like ripping them right off the bat.
i'm not using wax, just a regular old comb, and i was blessed with some awesome hair, because it does just about anything i want.
i'm really excited for this journey and seeing what will happen with them.

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anyhow, just wanted to say hiiii. it's nice to meet you all and your dreads are gorgeous!
Trent and Kay

from a ghost to a redwood

so! i found MORE photos that y'all may have an interest in.

This is me tuning my banjo. her name is Lucille Josephine, or Lucy-Jo if you nasty.

she hated staying in tune, so i smacked that ho and told her to get in the kitchen.
(and by "smacked that ho and told her to get in the kitchen," i actually mean "showered her with gifts consisting of a fancy new bridge and some elixir strings". our relationship is much much better now.)

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i has a braid.

I had a hair wrap put in a couple weeks before I got my dreads (poor planning on my part, really). 20 or so minutes of my friend Chelsea slicing it out with a knife and voila! the braid underneath is visible again. It was super, super dreadie (like, tighter than the rest of my dreads) at the top where new growth had come in, so I used some conditioner (not mine of course hahaa) and now it's a lil patch of brushability on my head!

the craziest thing is how loooooong it is. Unbraided it's a solid three inches past my shoulder, where that hair was barely touching my shoulder when i got dreaded up! my hair has grown 3 inches in the last 3 months! i couldn't believe it. it must come from not frying it with relaxer/blowdrying/flatironing the shit out of it like every day.

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