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uh oh [01 Apr 2010|01:44pm]
a combined eight & a half years of dreads...

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dreaded engagement fun. [01 Apr 2010|02:26pm]

My best friend and our wedding photographer just got the rest of our engagement photos up on her proofing site. I don't have my copies yet and can't right-click from that website, but here's the link to them if anyone's interested. We shot them along the riverfront in the French Quarter (New Orleans), down our street with out bikes, and at our favorite coffee shop. I love how they turned out, and how my dreads look in them. I'm really glad I started my set last May so that they're good and formed for the wedding.

Anyone else going to be/been a dreaded bride? How did your family react? How did you wear your hair for the big day?

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hey everyone [01 Apr 2010|10:31pm]
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just got back from a week long trip to italy, and I realized that some of my pictures show the progress on my three babies pretty well.

we started out in florence, and then took a bus over to rome.
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