April 2nd, 2010


Freaky Dread Dream Inside a Freaky Dream

Wow, I had the weirdest and most interestingly creepy dream last night, I won't get into all of it, but near the end of it, it digressed a bit to a section focusing on my dreads before it went back to what it was doing before. Here is the dread section:

Before I go out to re-bury the woman's aunty, I go to the kitchen, pull out a cutting board and a really sharp knife, lay my head on the counter and start slicing of half-inch lengths of my tightest dreads. I’m doing it partially in a melancholic depressed sort of way but also because I intend to eat them later. I chew on one for a bit, but then decide I don't like it so I leave a small pile of them on the counter and head outside.

WTH. Seriously, this dream was the creeper of the month for sure. -shudder-

EDIT: To set the atmospheric tone for this, compare it to "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe.

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Ahoy GUDU! It's me again! haha my last post here, was about trying to get rid of my scalp psorasis! I am happy to announce its all gone! YAY! I used the medicine just as it said... then about after 3 weeks of doing that I did a deep clean. I didn't add salt to the mixture because I didn't want to dry out my scalp more then it already was/is! But everything is going well, and my dreads are awesome! hahah I love them more then ever... I also added extensions to them! I was cleaning out my closest and I found all this real human hair that I bought a long time ago and never did anything with! so I dreaded it up and put it in!

onto the pictureees!

ALSO-I AM GOING TO CHICAGO TO SEE THOM YORKE AND FLEA PLAY! APRIL 11TH. I am super excited, im pretty sure that Thom Yorke poops gold! whoooo!
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Trent and Kay

QUICK! informal poll!

about to do my first deep-clean. there WILL be photos, and it WILL be horrendously disgusting- my last shower was more than 2 months ago. (yeah yeah, i know, reinforcing the stereotype. whatever, this is what happens sometimes. people are always surprised when i tell them because i honestly don't smell. usually.)


so my first deep clean ever. i need some input- should i do an ACV or baking soda cleanse?

i noticed that we seem to have a disproportionate amount of baking soda cleanses over ACV cleanses. is this for any particular reason? just the way it happened? if y'all want, i can help balance by taking photos (and yes, lish, i'll keep 'em static) and doing a write-up and let you know how they turn out.

basically, you have the opportunity here to vote on which deep-cleanse to use on dirty-as-fuck dreads. :)

but hurry! we're doing this tonight and if i'm gonna do an ACV, i need to go out and get some first. :)

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Hey everyone. I had dreads a little over year ago but due to my impatience, and apparent inability to heed Lish's warnings to calm down with "maintenence" which was really stupid on my part, I fucked around with my babies too much and they went from medium thickness to pencil thin with a lot of thinning at the roots. Lessoned learned. Long story short, I cut them off around Christmas time in 08' and began the slow process of growing my hair back to shoulder length. In the mean time, I've been reading through the memories so that when the time came to re-dread,I would be more patient and leave them the hell alone.

A year and a half later with my hair back to shoulder length, I've got the opportunity to get my hair dreaded again. Unfortunately, I'm finding myself with a miniature dillemma. I've brought up wanting to re-dread my hair to my fiance here and there for the past six months or so and I've sensed resistence. Then tonight when he called (he's in Chicago right now on a business trip), I brought up having the opportunity to get them done. He said "Well, it's your hair and you know I'll support you in whatever you do but honey, I would really like it if you would wait until your hair gets longer." I asked him why and he said it's because he wants to see my hair grow long and straight. Not grow long and dreaded.

Which bothers me because I don't see what difference it makes. He's said that he thinks dreaded hair is pretty but yet when the occasion arises, he doesn't seem too keen to the idea. It's obvious that dreads will take some getting used to for him, which is fine. It's just that now I'm left trying to decide what to do because his uneasiness is disconcerting.

Meh, sorry for being long winded, I just needed to get this off my chest and hopefully get some advice on how you lovelies would handle this situation. Thanks for reading!
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