April 3rd, 2010

Starting dreads question on relaxed african american hair

There was only one post similar in the memories but it didn't fully answer my question. I go to beauty school and our salon, like most, has no knowledge of dreads whatsoever. Therefore, since I've had them in my time there all of the dread related services and questions get dumped on me. I have a client who wants to start some dreads, she is black and has very coarse, curly hair naturally that has been relaxed and is about shoulder length. Her last relaxer was 3 weeks ago.

Would it be better to go about this by backcombing like you would on straight caucasian hair, or should she have twisties done with products instead? If we backcomb, when her roots grow out they'll be a completely different texture. She wants evenly sized dreads similar to getting twisties but fatter and product free. I've done twisties before successfully but never on relaxed hair and I'm not sure if they would even hold. I'm very hesitant to do this and would rather refuse to than mess up her hair. There are some other black girls at my school that know how to start dreads by twisting, but they also told me they've never done it on relaxed hair before. A few people suggested she grow out her relaxer as much as possible and just cut it short before trying to start dreads since natural hair locks up better than relaxed and twisties can be done on only a few inches of hair. Basically I'm asking if there are other methods to working with relaxed hair to achieve the result she wants or if I should step down and do some research on local salons that would be better able to assist her.

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I'm moving to Toronto in June & was wondering if anyone could do some maintenance on my dreadies? I had a girl work on a few problem ones where im living now, and she made them braidy and I don't like them at all.  
I'm willing to compensate with cash, or I can make clothing/tie dye, cook, all sorts of things.

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32 months or 2 years and 8 months.

       Hi, I have been growing my hair into dreadlocks for 32 months. Started with very short hair, about two inches of it. Can't really remember. They're neglect, the shortness of my hair at the time "forced"  me to take this route. I have to say that I'm glad that was the case, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Here is a brief time-line.

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consulting the experts (you guys!)

 Ok, this is my very first live journal post ever! I recently discovered lj, and more importantly, this community. I have to say I am impressed with all the beautiful dreads (and people) here! Anyway, my hair is knotty for sure, and has been for a couple years now. I have just been letting it do its thing (with the end goal being a full head of locks), but since my hair is very thin and very straight its "thing" is taking a very long time. So, what now? Keep doing what I'm doing...would backcombing help? &how?! I want to be as natural as possible. I have always said I would never put any product in my hair..but I am open to natural ones if they come highly recommended. All in all, I guess I am just getting impatient and bored...I finally want to go for it! Also, blatantly honest feedback is welcome..you can tell me I look a-mess if you want!

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: Soooo I can't seem to figure out how to get pictures behind a cut. Help please? Sorry for the false alarm!
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