April 4th, 2010


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Hey. I want to say thanks for all of you giving your helpful insight the other day with my little dillemma. The verdict of the situation? I ended up following my heart and getting my hair dreaded again. My friend backcombed the crap out of them so they shrunk down to 2-3 inches long from the starting point of barely touching my shoulders. The longest one is maybe four inches. Maybe.

We did a total of 21 dreads. They're short, fat and fluffy, but they're freaking adorable and my heart feels so full of joy and appreciation that I went through with it. (I'll post photos when I get some time.)I read through the memories about having rubber bands at the very end (tip) of the dreads, and from what I could gather, it seemed as though it wouldn't harm them in the very beginning on short(er) dreads. So I ended up banding the ends. I did this because they're so small and I don't want them to fall apart, even though the backcombing is pretty solid.

Am I right in my interpretation of what the memories said or should I take the little bands off of the tips? I don't want to cause problems for the babies in the future. If I missed anything in the memories further explaining this, sorry in advance.
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happy easter! (:

my babies are at 1 week old now!!

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QUICK QUESTION! Has anyone used Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo on their dreads? I used it forever on my straight hair, and it seemed to dry my hair out a lot (which would be good for my dreads) but I've read some horror stories from the mems. about tea tree shampoo. Just wondering if anyone has first hand experience with this particular shampoo? (:

Hope everyone has a great holiday! (Or just a great day in general, if you don't celebrate!) :D

Happy Easter!

I'm having a good day today, so I figured I'd take some pics of my now 2 1/2 month old dread babies...

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A couple at the back had disappeared, and it took ages to find someone to backcomb them again... since my lovely friends all refuse to touch my hair... with the exception of one (who is awesome and is a natural backcomber :D), but sadly he didn't have much time recently... sooo, I got one of the original backcombers to do it, whilst on the bus heading home from England :D  So they're pretty new, which is why it's such a mess back there ^^ On the same trip I combed out 2 or 3 at the front, to create the bangs. The dreads were too short to stick behind my ears and so they kept falling in my face, and they hadn't knotted up much, so I figured I'd take them out and then put them in again when my hair is longer =)

So, that's all from me for today =)