April 5th, 2010


Bangs. Eeehhhh....

Ooooh boy. I had a mini-meltdown initiated an by an an argument with an apparently not-so-friend of mine regarding getting a job and having dreads. I'll be damned if I move in with her after this fiasco. Unsupportive bitchface.

So. I brushed out six of my foredreads to make bangs.

Frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't precisely regret doing it and it's not so bad when my dreads are back in a pony, but with it all hanging down... Well, check out the pics.

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Cuts or styles, whatever. I just need to not look like an idiot with all my hair down. T___T
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just one

Lish, if this is too big let me know and I'll resize. kthx :D


I've been busy with library school. I think I'm dropping to one class next fall since two seem to be too much for me. I pierced my daith over spring break-this is my first ear piercing in almost three years, and I'm stoked.

Anyway, I hope all of you have been well.
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my harz is getting alot more length after its summer growth spurt.
the dreadlets at my crown are actually starting to resemble dreads after a summer spent in salt water.
few more pictures after the cut of the obscene birdsnest i've been growing.
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that's about it!
esh x.


Jellyfish and no 'poo.

Hokay, so I only posted fairly recently, but last night I tried washing my hair with baking soda for the first time, which I read about in the ever-helpful memories. I was a little skeptical at first, but it really works! I'm very impressed, and I think I'll be sticking to this method from now on (before, I was using a Lush bar). It also seems to have helped to tighten my dreads up a bit, which you can see best when a light shines behind me and I look like a jellyfish:


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So, it's a case of so far, so good with washing with baking soda. It's also awesome to think of how much money I have, and will, save on hair products in comparison to before, when I shampooed and conditioned daily, used a hair dryer and hair straighteners (a flat iron) every day, along with hair heat protector, and hairspray... only to have my hair ruined by rainy Manchester weather. Phew!


Hey guys. I made a few dreadlock beads and I want to know what you think of them. Are they okay or are they rubbish ore something else.

Here they are
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Hello live-journal-lovelies. I've been a member of GUDU for a few years now and had a dreadlock birthday recently (3 years, wheee). Although my own posts are few and far between I enjoy reading everyone elses posts whenever I get the chance. I never get around to responding to peoples comments after I post, so thank you to everyone who's sent me kind words after I've shared photos.

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Eleventh Hour

My outrageously frizzy babies

I just finished backcombing my first set and I'm stressing out a little over all the frizziness. Like it's kind of hard to tell that there are supposed to even be dreads unless you look hard. Collapse )

This post in the memories eases my mind a bit, but my hair is a lot longer than hers and compared to mine, hers doesn't look that bad.

Is this ok? Assuming I'm not doing it wrong (wouldn't be surprised), should I just leave it and let my hair do its thing?

(And now for the stupid childish part:)
I am so smegging stupid when it comes to hair, and that's why I wanted to have dreads in the first place. But now I have this and I'm all, "Is it supposed to look that way???" And on top of that, there is a person I know through work (but am not really friends with or anything) who has fucking gorgeous dreads of which I have much envy. I really dread(hurrrr) the next time I see him with my hair in its current glorious ball-o-fuzz state because he'll know what I'm trying to do and (in my mind) will probably point and laugh. (*cries*) Unless this is just the way some dreads start off looking, in which case I can just go back to being excited again. Help, please?

hi everyone! :)

I've decided to dread my hair :) its something I've wanted for a really long time. I've been doing research for hours so I know a few techniques. I know its going to be a process. And I'm planning on doing quite thin dreads to keep some volume to my hair. My hair is pretty thin so I can probably have 4 big dreads or a bunch of little ones, so I'm going with the little ones. I'm a little worried about any pulling of my hair at the roots though since I think my hair is pretty brittle and it probably wouldnt take too much to break it off. I'm not going for the bald look! :P
My hair is naturally curly and about shoulder length now. Do you think that once I dread them my length will go up to chin level? well thats what Im thinking. Anyway just wanted to say hellos. Wish me luck! :)

oh and so its not all text

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