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Well, hello there, loves [06 Apr 2010|01:14am]
I don't believe I've posted before, but I've learned all that I know about ze dreadlocks from this community and I want to thank you all.  ;)
My name is Leighanne, and I live in Northwest Alabama. 
This journey has been a long and beautiful one, losing and regaining faith in my ability to have gorgeous locks. We're gonna make it.

Let's see if I remember this LJ cut business.
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I got up and dread up (picture heavy) [06 Apr 2010|02:29pm]
sheesh that took forever. I posted yesterday evening or so that I was going to dread my hair and I was dreading it up til 6am when I was falling asleep trying to finish it. I took a nap and woke up to finish the rest. I backcombed and did some rip and twist but that didnt come out too well on my first ones. the rip and twists did turn out looking a bit like braids. so its mostly backcombed.
my digicam has to be recharged so I took some silly webcam pics
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Dread Bun [06 Apr 2010|03:35pm]
So, I don't have a video to demonstrate the method, but here's a photo of my dreads up in a bun, since Lish asked. and yeah, it's freakin hard to get a nice pic of the back of one's own head!

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