April 8th, 2010


Bangs and requested explanation as to why I'm very angry with my "not-so-friend" right now.

Ok, first off, bangs. After my mini-bang-inducing-meltdown the other day, I ended up cutting myself a fringe and left the sides long. It looked ridiculous, so I redreaded the long hairs on either side and I like it a lot better now. (though having brushable hair after 5 months of not even looking at a comb is STRANGE.) I did however forget how puffy/wavy my hair is when it's short. It looks like I may have to invest in some product.

Before I rebackcombed the front bits though, I made two locks out of my brushed out hair and extended a couple of locks in the back. I like it, but it looks kind of silly. I need to get my hands on some more hair and/or cut off dreadlocks to extend at least a few more so I don't just have antennae. Anyone willing to send hair to Switzerland? I would totally send you something in return :)

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