April 9th, 2010

Harold upsidedown in a pool

i have a secret

Hello all, this is my second post ever to gudu, and i have an awesome secret. but first a small story

recently i've been really considering dreading my hair, but several factors are keeping me from doing it, and several factors make me want to do it. namely my hair tangles like its no ones business, i can brush my hair, and an hour later i have tangles. i also love the look of dreads, i dream of skinny ones, or big fatties, but, for now i cant go with my dream. reasoning in that i live in the conservative south in the burbs, i still live at home and my father would kill me, and back to the first point, i need a new job.

so, a month ago, i decided to start a secret experiment. and made a baby dread at the base of my hair line, to see how i liked it. :D i knew i wanted to see how exactly my hair would react to dreads before i ever made the plunge a few years from now, i wanted to know what would happen, and if i would actually like how it looked.

so far, i LOVE IT!

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so here in Portland, Maine we do a fun thing called the Art Walk. it happens on the first Friday of every month. we went last Friday. and then on Saturday we got ice cream and went to the Limington Rapids. the water was so ridiculously high!

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have a nice night! :]
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Hello strangers...

Hello there my dready lovelies! It's been a long time. So, for those of you who remember me, hello! For those of you who don't, hello!

My dreads were 5 in December last year, which seems like an improbably long time to have had them.

I went for an adventure up the road to Leeds on Wednesday to visit the lovely purplenolly, who very kindly tidied up my mess of a head for me and fed me tea, tofu and Guinness. A winning combination.

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Desperately Seeking Lishd

The great dread guru in Seattle, are you out there? I heard through the internet grape vine that you can help me get my dreads back on track. I am in immediate need of help. If you are interested or know of someone else just as capable please let me know.  I would be much appreciated. Thanks!