April 12th, 2010


Sexy Dreads on Legs

So I've discovered that working on the condo construction next door to my apartment house is a majorly hunky dreaded dude who likes to work shirtless on the warmer days. :D His dreads dark, dirty blond and are usually tied up, but once I saw them down and they went to about half way down his (gorgeous) back.

It's times like this that make me wish like hell I had a real camera. My webcam won't get shots that far away D:
out of time

i haz teh long herrs

Everyone's recent length posts made me realize I haven't updated GUDU accordingly. This is probably because I don't have access to a real camera nearly 100 % of the time.


On that note, I heart bathroom photography. I also heart that my dreadlocks are growing hella long. You can't tell I have an undercut!
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Right now I have pretty short hair, and I have always wanted dreads. I know my hair is probably going to need to grow quite a bit more before I can do anything with it, but I am wondering if once it gets a little longer can I start to dread it and add in extensions? I'll be honest I am not quite sure how it all works. I looked in the memories and stuff but didn't find anything.

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