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[13 Apr 2010|09:36am]
[ mood | content ]

I am up on my day off and thought I would update. Took a couple of pics the other day I thought I would share. Recently dyed my dreads a burgendy. I am pretty sure that all of my dreads are a year old btw. I started them at different times but I first started dreading again in march soo. I am really enjoying this set so far soo....happieness :DD
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[13 Apr 2010|11:15am]
april 2010: two & a half years:

i did a deep clean & a protein conditioning this month, which means i'm due to redye the tips - no red dye survives baking soda & aphogee. oh btw, the last time i took pics in this shirt...Collapse )

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woot, enjoy.
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Flat Dreads [13 Apr 2010|12:00pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I was just wondering does flatness contribute to weakness? Are flat dreads more likely to break than round dreads?

My first thought is "No, don't be silly!", but I'm no expert so I thought I'd ask. My dreads are almost a year now, a few are backcombed and R&T (though I think most of the R&T dreads fell out, I don't think I got the technique right) but most of them formed on their own. I don't do maintenance other than washing often, and I have a lot of flat dreads. I don't mind them, they look pretty neat to me, so I leave them be. Most of my dreads are on the medium-fat side, though I have one or two skinnies in there, since I didn't really section most of my head out. The flat dreads seem pretty strong to me... but could flatness lead to problems later on?

I dunno. I'm not too worried because they seem to be going strong, but I thought I'd ask because it made me curious.

PS: Sorry for the lack of cool dread images! My head looks like a curly mess in photos rather than dready. 2 months until I reach the 1 year mark, so I promise to post some photos then to make up for it ;)

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