April 16th, 2010



hi everyone, im new :]. so my name is erin and i live in new jersey and i'm 20. i just joined this community and i figured i should introduce myself before i start getting into stuff.

so, i've been considering dreads since i was around 15. i remember trying to do them once and being really serious for about an hour (where i had not even moved past one piece of hair) before i gave up. i didn't know much about hair then. over the past two months, this is ALL i've been talking about, whether or not i want to do it and asking lots of questions to anyone who knew stuff about them. after thinking about it, i realized i'm at a good place in my life and ready to commit to something and ready to do something different. i'm very indecisive sometimes and even though it has only been a few hours since i finished, i feel good making a permanent choice for once.
so, i was really bored earlier and i was like, you know what, fuck it. it's HAIR hahah and it's something i haven't lost interest in for around 6 years so as an early birthday present (may 11!), i started them today! they're little babies and i love them already.
i back combed them and twisted them to no end then palmrolled. i did use wax but its only because my hair is really really weird and won't really do anything without product. i don't really plan on continuing with it though cause i really don't like the way it feels and i don't want a ton of buildup. dirty hair isn't classy :P
so under the cut, pictures and questions to the veterens :) it's my first time around so be patient with me. i did my research but there is nothing like first hand advice from people who have been doing it for a long time :)

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Looking for kb dread soap

If anyone has any knotty boy bars or liquid they don't want i will gladly take them off your hands - i know kb isn't very well regarded on here, but i happen to love their soap and what they do for my hair. if anyone has any to sell/swap, i do also have paypal. note me w/an email addy & i'll get back to you.

btw I'm Jim and I'm about to start my 2nd set of dreads. 1 previous set, for 3 yrs.
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