April 17th, 2010


Extension questions.

'Ello GUDU!
I have a few questions for those who have extended their dreads here. (:
Which type of human hair worked best for you? ( Remy, yaki, etc ) Opinions would be great.
I am not that hair smart when it comes to extensions, but as long as it is 100% human hair; I don't really see why quality matters since it is going to be dreaded anyway.
Is there a certain type of hair that would knot up better than the other? Would the different kinds of hair affect how they mature? I poked around the memories but nothing answered my questions directly.

Sorry for the text only, I promise I will post pics soon! :D
And thanks in advance!
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D: Holy Conditioning Action, Batman! D:

WELL. I'm pretty pissed off right about now. I just spent 12 francs 50 on a Seanik shampoo bar from LUSH --just in time for my Saturday washing-- and now I'm about ready to chuck the little blue bastard out the window.

Not only did it destroy the baby dreads I was reforming from some parts of my brushed out bangs, but even my most established and firm dreads feel panic-inducingly loose. GodfuckingDAMNIT.

I think a lot of my rage here comes from having previously used (and LOVED) the LUSH bar "New" and now I just feel terribly let down. LUSH has become sort of my treat store; when I've used up all my previous product without buying unnecessary items of the same sort, I get to take myself on a day trip to go to the store in Zug and pick out a new one. Unfortunately, I'm now feeling pretty sore towards LUSH at the moment and it's kinda ruined my day a little. :(

I did another wash with dishsoap a few hours after the Seanik incident when I realized that it wasn't my imagination and my dreads really were hella loose. It seems to have helped, but it's not dry yet so we'll see.

And now, since I'm thinking about it, I'm gonna give a short list of cleansing products I've tried and what I thought of them.

Dish soap: Extremely drying; Makes you smell like the kitchen sink; Very effective in encouraging knots to form.

Baking Soda: Effective; A bit less drying than dish soap; Boring.

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap: No residue my ass; Smells amazing; Coats hairs with a soap film despite significant dilution; Doesn't contribute towards knotting, but doesn't significantly hurt the process; Doesn't rinse out clean.

Generic Bar Hand Soap (the type you find in crappy gift baskets from Walmart or somewhere similar): Very drying though not as bad as dish soap; somewhat effective in knotting; Smells like ass.

LUSH Shampoo Bar "New": FANTASTIC; Encourages knots; Smells amazing; Lasts for months so long as you don't overdo the sudsing.

LUSH Shampoo Bar "Seanik": Utter crap; Very conditioning; Loosens up mostly-established locks; Will kill baby locks; Only smells decent.

On an unrelated note, I will be hennaing my hair tomorrow and hopefully will then leave it alone color-wise for a long time after. :D