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Psoriasis and dreads [18 Apr 2010|08:58am]
I didn't see anything in the memories about it so...

Hello, I'm Kat, I'm getting dreads this summer when my hair will finally be long enough. :3 I've been lurking around here tons, you're all beautiful.

Just a question, do any of you have psoriasis on the scalp? Would having dreads make it more visible, harder to take care of, worse or the same? I'm having so much trouble finding information on this!

Thanks in advance!
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It's been a little while! [18 Apr 2010|05:36pm]
So last time I posted I was asking for a place to stay in Philly on my trip to NCECA. The wonderful and gracious inspector8ball opened up her lovely apartment to me, and it was a great stay. Here's an epic picture from the trip of me and two friends of mine on the Rocky steps.

And here's a few others of what I've been dealing with lately. Collapse )
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dear dreadhead friends, [18 Apr 2010|06:36pm]

so my last post didn't really get any feedback on my breaking/snapping
off dreads. so here i am again.. i've searched the internet & asked
dreadheads i know but i can't seem to find any help from anyone-
no one seems to of had this problem which makes everything 100x
more frustrating. i am on the verge of just hacking them all off
which makes me greatly depressed because i have dreamed of
having them to my butt & it's not time for them to go.. this breaking
stuff is just making me too upset though.

some reading.. hopefully someone cares to help!Collapse )
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