April 20th, 2010

question for you lovely and experienced dread heads.

this is my first experience with real dreads on my own head. so it's been a journey, for sure.
my hair was just past my shoulders when i started dreading it, but it was somewhat layered. my hair is also pretty thin.
so by the time we got it all backcombed, they shrank to the size of little cheetos. i was prepared for some shrinkage but not THIS MUCH! 
i was planning on adding extensions to them, using human hair and this girls method:


but i was gonna wait a while until my dreads were nicely formed before i put the extensions in, but now that i know that i'm workin with lil cheetos i'm kind of impatient. dont get me wrong, i love my little cheetos, i just wish they were longer.

they're doing really well so far, and i think it's because my hair has a predisposition to getting EXTREMELY matted and tangled.
i've had them for about 2 weeks.
so i was wondering if it would be a good idea to go ahead and add the extensions now?

i'd really appreciate some insight!

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You all may or may not remember me, but I posted around the beginning of this year with my brand new baby dreads, which I then combed out a week later due to finding a headlouse and freaking out.

Well, I dreaded up again on February 1st, and I've managed to keep them this time XD I've been pretty terrible with photo-documenting them though. There's a picture I took of them when they were brand new, and some pictures I took today, nearly three months down the line XD
Anyway, it's a lovely sunny and breezy day today here in southern England, so I sat outside in the garden with my cat and took the aforementioned pictures.
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I hope everyone's having/had a lovely day today :D