April 21st, 2010


Henna result and more LUSH

I said in a previous post that I was gonna henna my hair, so now here's the photographic evidence. I cannot wait until I have a real camera. -,-

I loooove ginger hair and I'm gonna have to say I think it suits me immensely. I also feel it makes those bangs look considerably better. What d'ya think?!

I went back to LUSH and much to my wallet's chagrin bought myself a bar of "Squeaky Green" and "Soak and Float". Soak and Float is called "Wasch und Weg" here, so at first I wasn't sure I was looking at the right one until I gave it a sniff. Phewww BLECH. There's something to be said for such a... distinctive scent. I wouldn't have such a problem with the smell if it was like a "fresh" campfire. Instead it smells like your clothes do the day after the bonfire. Ick. I'm keeping it in a soap tin now because it was stinking my bathroom up even when dry.

I am totally stark raving mad in love with these shampoos! I want to marry them both and have little stinky, squeaky, floaty soap babies.

After the Seanik incident, as I said before, my locks were super soft and loose. A wash with dishsoap helped a bit, but after I used SG and S&F together, my locks are tightening right back up! They're not quite up to par yet, but I can see them easily reaching above and beyond what they were with continued use. I plan to use SG and S&F in conjunction a few more times and then just pick one or the other to use as my main shampoo.

Well played, LUSH, well played indeed.

So overdue

I seriously am. I'm coming up on a year, and I never posted the deep clean I did on my friend's 5 year old dreads over 8 months ago!
Tomorrow I work on hair again, so more pictures! I promise!
For now, just a texture shot I accidentally got tonight at a bar.