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Just in case anyone has a real vendetta against Dreadlock HQ and their use of wax [22 Apr 2010|08:39am]
Soaring Eagle over at dreadlockssite has issued a debate challenge to Johnny Clean of DreadlockHQ, who has accepted. SE has invited everyone who wants to to join the event on his forum. Johnny Clean says that not one person has ever complained against his products of tried to make use of his guarantee, so SE asks that anyone that has actually done this show up for the debate.

Here's the info:


I personally am not very interested in the politics of corporate dreadlocking sites (and really how ridiculous is it that they exist?), so I probably won't attend, but I'm just gonna stick it out there in case anyone here does.
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[22 Apr 2010|02:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey there everyone! I checked the 'list of dread experts in your area' post but it's not very recent and there isn't anyone on there in my state, unfortunately. So I hope it isn't a bother but I was wondering if there was anyone on here in the general area of Indianapolis, IN? I'm really wanting to have dreads again and I'm worried about messing up the back if I do it myself. I bake (vegan/vegetarian friendly if you're of that path), crochet like a mofo, and I also have cash as an incentive.

I'm not trying to be mopey but I really have no friends around here. Most of my friends are all upstate/in Chicago. If anyone nearby wanted to help me out I'd really appreciate it! I tried asking a few 'braid' salons in the area and the like but they either shoo'd me away or would only work on my hair with lots of wax and product and, well, no thanks.

If this post isn't appreciated or there's a better place for me to go with my question, please let me know! I searched through the memories extensively and I didn't find anything other than the initial 'expert in your area post'.

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Kinkier looking dreads [22 Apr 2010|02:28pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I have just started dreads about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE em so far in all their madness even. I'm curious tho;I'm a chick with strait thick hair and I would love to get that cool kinkier look to my dreads.I've seen in on girls with strait hair before.I have been experimenting with tying string on them to make them possibly tighten in that fashion. I dunno tho. They are coming along really nicely but I'd love to add some of this cool texture and flavor to the mix. Any tips???

Ps my dreads are back combed no product :) here's a pick of kinda what they look like so far.

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i found something ... [22 Apr 2010|04:12pm]
So i found something interesting at the end of one of dreads. A hole. Which i am using to tie up my dreads...

Spock'er don't shock'erCollapse )
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[22 Apr 2010|11:28pm]
stay classy, gudu.

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