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hi hi [23 Apr 2010|05:39pm]
Hi dreadies. I'm erin. I'm new. I joined here because I just started my second set of lovely locs in january and need inspiration for paaaatience! I've spent hours perusing memories and gotten excited and hopeful and scared and felt stupid and worried I'd effed up my head by doing everything WRONG! There is so much different info out there on the internets. What's right and what's wrong etc. I started my babeh dreads a little more uniform this time - thinking I wanted to go smaller. Now I'm thinking I should do some combining as these are frustrating as hell! We shall see. I didn't see anyone here in tucson...bummer. Anyway. Thanks for all the great info, I'm scared of your mod...but good scared cause he/you seem rather knowledgable. Looking forward to learning as I go and hoping for the best. Writing this on my blackberry as I have no comp, so I have no pic as of yet. Nice to meet you all. Carry on.
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CHECK THIS OUT! [23 Apr 2010|07:45pm]
I just think this is so funny.... It's like a semi beehive. I love it though. I love the fact that they're long enough to do stuff like this now. Makes me so happyyyy.

Hope everyone's having a lovely day! 
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pic maybe? [23 Apr 2010|08:13pm]
Here goes nothin:
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Questions on separating.. [23 Apr 2010|08:24pm]
Alright, I have a few questions about separating. I am curious as to how many of you keep your dreads perfectly separated and how many of you just leave them alone.

Also, I have a few chunks of loose hair that WILL NOT dread. I have tried backcombing, rip and twist, braiding, and combinations of all three. I keep my hair fairly clean too, so I don't think it's because of any grease factor.

And last but not least. STINK. Right at the crown of my head, my scalp gets very irritated and starts to stink the day after I wash it. I wash it very thoroughly and am very careful to rinse everything out. It just smells like greasy hair that hasn't been washed in a looong time. Its very frustrating, and only in that one place.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Hello its been awhile... [23 Apr 2010|09:57pm]
I had dreads when my hair was *really* short as you can see here....
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But then i got tired of them because they were too short and i couldnt do anything with them so i brushed them out. So today i decided to do it again! Just finished a minute ago. I think i want to cut my bangs shorter

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want to start again [23 Apr 2010|10:34pm]
Hello, I haven't been here in a while, mainly because I cut my dreads back in July.  And not because I hated them or anything, but because it was the only thing I could actually change.  It was totally on impulse and I went for the ride.  I'm here again because I want to give it another go.  However thing time I'd love to have someone start mine that actually has dreads.  I know theres a post in the memories on this one.  I only found one person in that thread who is in my area and not really in the same state.  I'm in Connecticut I would travel to you and pay you for your time.  Thanks and I hope this is ok to post.
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23 Months! [23 Apr 2010|11:47pm]
Second set of dreads - 23 months

Can't believe it's been almost two years. I barely remember the frustrating baby stages!

I also can't believe how light and bouncy the dreads are. When my first set (which had been occasionally waxed for the first 8 months) finally got to this length, they felt so heavy that I got headaches and had to start trimming.

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