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Warm Weather Brings Everyone Out of Hibernation! [24 Apr 2010|12:35am]
Which means everyone is exposed to the paparazzi.
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7 1/2 months! [24 Apr 2010|10:59am]
so i haven't posted here in many months, and probably no one remembers me. i was looking at old pictures a few days ago, and realized how much my dreads have changed since i started them at the beginning of september, so i decided it's time for a timeline.

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lish + thok pics [24 Apr 2010|02:24pm]
bunches of shots from feb-present.

becoming godiva:

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shrinkageeeee!!! [24 Apr 2010|06:49pm]
Current back shot from last night @ 10 weeks, back shot (after cut) at three weeks to compare. +1 of my new electric bananna bangs ^^

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How many dreads [24 Apr 2010|06:52pm]
do you usually start with when you do a new set? I did mine yesterday and i just counted them and there are only 25 (my bangs arent dreaded). Should i split some of them up? Does more look better as they tighten? Thanks guys!
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April post [24 Apr 2010|07:56pm]
Oh lordy, they're getting fatter each month.  

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took my babies off. [24 Apr 2010|09:38pm]
been awhile. again.

i was just too unhappy with the weak spots in my dread. i work as a part time barista & hair is to be tied up. i notice the weak points getting worst the past few weeks. some of the strands broke n fell. & this time they were the longer ones! at least 4"-5" :(((

i decided to take them off.
ALL of them at first.
but halfway thru, i notice it wouldnt look so bad if i leave on some of the front ones.
okay. its just that.. i cant bear to get part with all of them.

& yey! DREAD-FRO(:
- or something like that

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I found something interesting [24 Apr 2010|09:46pm]
I found this salon online called Dreadology if anybody's interested checking it out? The salon is in NYC.


It looks really cool, but I'm not sure about this. By looking at the menu, it feels overpriced? at least they're wax free!
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