April 24th, 2010

7 1/2 months!

so i haven't posted here in many months, and probably no one remembers me. i was looking at old pictures a few days ago, and realized how much my dreads have changed since i started them at the beginning of september, so i decided it's time for a timeline.

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How many dreads

do you usually start with when you do a new set? I did mine yesterday and i just counted them and there are only 25 (my bangs arent dreaded). Should i split some of them up? Does more look better as they tighten? Thanks guys!

took my babies off.

been awhile. again.

i was just too unhappy with the weak spots in my dread. i work as a part time barista & hair is to be tied up. i notice the weak points getting worst the past few weeks. some of the strands broke n fell. & this time they were the longer ones! at least 4"-5" :(((

i decided to take them off.
ALL of them at first.
but halfway thru, i notice it wouldnt look so bad if i leave on some of the front ones.
okay. its just that.. i cant bear to get part with all of them.

& yey! DREAD-FRO(:
- or something like that

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