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dreadline [25 Apr 2010|05:30am]
Hello GUDU! :D


As a warning, if your browser is crappy, be wary. I didn't feel like chopping it into two posts. I guess tell me if I should?

...Freakishly large pic-post behind ze cut!Collapse )
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bangin [25 Apr 2010|09:20am]
Hey guys. I'm thinking of combing out my two front dreads and going the bang/fringe route. Would anyone mind posting pics of theirs or linking me to a memory where its been done? I'm trying to get a feel for what it might look like...it would be awesome if anyone were so inclined! Thanksss!
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Spring abounds in the muck and the mire.... [25 Apr 2010|04:47pm]
which means....

mushroom hunting!



(for the record, these common wild edibles are Driad's Saddle and they are quite delicious in stir-fry!)
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Haters [25 Apr 2010|06:12pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So I want to dread my hair but my fiance hates the idea. I had dreads before but only for a very short time as I was experimenting with them and in the end combed them out. Have any of you experienced someone close to you hating your dreads? How to you deal?

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GIANT HEADLICE? [25 Apr 2010|06:32pm]
oh my god gudu, i have a serious problem.
i looked everywhere in the memories but i didn't see anything about really, really big hairy bugs. so far i've only found one, but i just know they're crawing around and laying eggs. i even deep cleaned earlier today, before i ran into this dilemma. is this some sort of giant headlice or something? i don't want people to think i'm dirty.

will acv help?

pix behind the cut, not for the lighthearted and/or children. ):Collapse )
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28 months [25 Apr 2010|07:48pm]
I decided to put my (very) minimal crocheting skills to work this week and made myself a head band with some fantastically fluorescent pink yarn.  I didn't use a pattern, just sort of winged it so it isn't perfect, but I'm happy with it nonetheless.  I also gave my dreads a trim last week to clean them up, so I took off wee bit of length.  The results?  Behind the cut!Trimmy trim trim!Collapse )
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Some Pitchas [25 Apr 2010|11:52pm]
and art!Collapse )
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