April 26th, 2010

BW Dreads

Not Me

I started dreads on my friend last week and love the look on her. She wanted them similar in size and structure to mine. Her hair is a totally different texture and thickness, though, so it was an interesting experience. Given the difference in hair type and texture, I made hers a little thicker than mine and she ended up with 32 dreads (I had 92 to start with and now have 82, a year later). :)

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Finished (The following Friday):
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We're all alright! We're all alright!! =)

Hello GUDU!! Ok, firstly, its been too long since I last posted so I would like to apologise for that. However, I would like you to know that reading GUDU every morning is a routine that I have been doing since I found this community about 2 years ago.

Anyway.. Reason for posting, my dreads are about 15 mths old now and I just came back from an Island Escape. I don't know if anyone heard of Redang Island? Anyway I brought them babies there when they were about 3 mths old and they back there again at 15 months to get a nice dose of salt water.

Get ready for some clear blue waters, jumping off a jetty, burnt skins, fat arms and sandy arm pits. Oh.. and them dreads too..
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