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why not...irrelevance is what makes life beautiful, i say. [27 Apr 2010|10:25am]
Hi, there. I'm not entirely new here but it would be great if you were just as nice to me as if i were.

Hi my name is Pre_Life.
I'm 5"3
My boyrfriend is an idiot
I love to dance
I weigh 106pounds...though I'm certain my scale is a filthy liar.
I have an amazing sense of humor
And I have a weird obsession with giving a shit about the lives of complete strangers...
I'm 17
I have dreadlocks.
And I'm wearing grey suede boots, a dark grey knitted military coat, tinted skinny jeans, a yellow and brown scarf, a cool mayan print top and a dazed expression on my pretty little face.
I'm a smoker.
Trying to quit but I love it too much.
I like high-fives.
I hope you're drinking tea.

Tell me something good, little girl.
Friends? Its lonely out here.
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Back from Belize!...photo dump! [27 Apr 2010|02:07pm]
Just spent 5 1/2 weeks in Belize, mostly wwoofing, couple weeks traveling around...and on ym return my dreads are suddenly 7 months old!

Unfortunately not tooo many pictures of me, I was traveling alone, but beautiful scenery if you're interested, some pictures at the end of my dreads as of lateCollapse )
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shakin' my dreads [27 Apr 2010|05:38pm]
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[27 Apr 2010|09:29pm]
Hey GUDU. It's been almost three and a half weeks since my first post.

Peektures and experience with bleaching black dreads to brownCollapse )
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