April 28th, 2010

fresh out of a ponytail...

5+ years from behind and just taken out of a ponytail. i also saw a bunch of dreadies @ the cow palace april 17th and 18th for the cannabis and hemp expo. anyone here there? i was with krunk industries and weedtracker helpin' with the booths. come see us at the high times hemp fest in red bluff memorial day weekend :)
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I'm new on this community ^^

My name is Chanty, i'm from Belgium, Gent
I'm 21 years old, and im doing childern book illustrations at art academy.
I have dreads now for i think 5 year, first i had crappy dreads for 2 years
then i made my dreads pretty ^^

For the first years i had fake wool dreads, first in colour, purple, pink and blue
but now i have my normal dreads brown with a bit of wool dreads at the front
here are some pictures:

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