May 2nd, 2010


Ignorance with customers

So, I know I am lucky. I've had my locks for about a year, and have really not experienced much in the way of unhappiness from other people about them. I know they're not my boyfriend's favorite but he has gone out of his way to get used to them, including pointing out people who have dreads on TV and in Movies.
A few weeks ago someone told me to wash my hair, and I was able to say "Actually, I just washed it this morning, but thanks for your concern." And he laughed and said he was just giving me a hard time.

But tonight I could smack a bitch.
I work at a gas station. I don't know about you guys, but usually gas station attendants are, for lack of better words, WEIRD. We are a strange bunch. I mean, I think its in the application (Question 24: Are you weird? Do you play WOW? Do you like long nights fueled by Mountain Dew and Monster Energy? Do you enjoy weird people?) So honestly, dreadlocks are pretty normal going as far as how out there I could be. The other people who work at my station have facial piercings (and one has a lot). Except for my hair, you can't see my tattoos or any of my piercings. I am "normal" looking.
But apparently this lady had an issue.
So I took care of her gas, she paid, whatever. I'm about to say have a good night, when she asks "What do you call your hair?"
I get questions like this kind of often at work, and I'm really open about talking about it. I've gotten a few people interested in getting dreads through this. So I reply, "They're called dreadlocks."
She then asks "Why do you have them?" Again, not really an odd question and she asked politely so I start to answer "Well, I like them, they're easy to take care of, and..."
She cut me off and said, not polite anymore kind of whined "WHHHYYYY?" I stopped and said I didn't understand what she meant.
"Well it looks like a rat's nest on your head."
I just stared at her and blinked. After a few moments I said "Um, OK, well, I disagree."
She then told me I looked "ewwy and they look gross"
She made a motion with her and against her own hair (which, ironically, was in really bad shape. HUGE ROOTS.) and made this "ewwwuuuggggh" noise.
I told her "Well, It's my PERSONAL appearance, but thanks..."

Oh man how I wish I wasn't working. She would have gotten a much bitchier "Excuse me, who do you think you are criticizing someone you don't even know? Exactly what do you think you'll get out of this? It's MY hair, not yours, back off!"

Sorry, I had to vent. I hate people who seem like they are actually interested (even if its not their cup of tea - I get not everyone likes dreads! I'm not asking you to!) but use it as an excuse to tell me I look like a rat's nest? Fuck you, bitch. Grr.

Photography prints!

Hey GuDu!

As most of you know, I'm a photographer and have been posting dready goodness in GuDu for years. dear little camera is dead. Died, gone to the great camera heaven in the sky. Good night sweet 20D, you will be missed.

I desperately need a new one. In times of such desperation, action is called for. And since the price tag is over $1500, a big action.
Well below the cut is a print sale of epic proportions...

These prices are slashed by more than half of what they normally sell for.

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Please repost, alert friends and refer me business. Thanks guys!

Shadow Angelina

Quick nothing post

Hope you all are well and resting up for the next work week [or whatevs you do during the week] :)

As many of you do, whenever I see dreads I immediately think of this comm, and this morning was no different.

I came upon this pic through a comic I sometimes read called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. The creator linked to a fellow cartoonist, the creator of comic Templar, Arizona. Long story short, the comic has a Wikipedia entry and in said entry I found a pic of Charlie "Spike" Trotman, the lady-toonist. Look at these lovelies! Pic under the cut:

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I haven't read much of the comic so I won't vouch for its amusement factor, but she is a talented cartoonist [IMHO] and I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the dreads. I truly think they are gorgeous.

Oh, and also, I got a kick out of her 'self-portrait':

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