May 6th, 2010


Let me get my hands on your mammary glands

It's almost 10 months (will be on the 14th). I can almost believe it. Time surely does fly. In two months, it will be a year since my friend and I stayed up all night watching Dexter as she backcombed my hair. I fall more and more in love with my dreads as the months pass. All the weird loops, bumps, skinny parts, fat parts, loose hairs.. I cherish it all. I'm still battling dandruff. I have tried many things, but so far nothing helps completely. I'll find something eventually, though, I'm not worried. Especially since it seems like it's getting better. I think my head's still getting used to not being washed as much as I used to when my hair was loose.

I got my nostril pierced almost two weeks ago. I had it once before, and the piercer told me to turn it. BAD IDEA. It got infected, and then on New Years 2009 I decided to take a shower even though I was tipsy, and I ended up using a loofa on my face like a drunk dumby. It pulled out my piercing and that was the end of that. Maybe it was for the best, because now I have Lish's website to guide me through proper healing! Thank you Lish, for all the knowledge you share!

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