May 7th, 2010

Graduation ^__^

My dreads have always been impossible to photograph properly. Being black and fluffy and all...
But I finally got snapped in a picture that shows them off a little bit!
These are from my recent graduation. I now have a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a major in Photography.

It was pretty funny, they had "proper" event photographers there, but us photography students didn't bother going near them, our lecturer just snapped away while we misbehaved as per usual! The event photographers then came over and asked out teacher what company he was with, and he replied that he didn't have a company, and that we are his students, who wouldn't touch their photoshopped photos with a 10ft pole hehe
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tattoo girl

questions and new pics

Few questions...
1) Can you use a hair straightener on dreads? Mine got reeaaalllly wavy the last time i washed them, as my hair always did when it was humid, and i hate it. Would it hurt them any or should i just wash em again and blowdry them better?
2) Does anyone have any pictures of dread a-lines? Ive only seen dread a-lines with fake dreads, so of course its really thick and looks neat. I wondered if anyone ever did it with real dreads.
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community fun!

just how friggin' long are your dreads NOW?

remember this post in early 2009? if you participated then, find your last comment & quote yourself, then update us on just how friggin' long your dreads are now. (& if you didn't comment then, read the post & play along!)

then, my dreads were just friggin' long enough to fall into the stream of toothpaste spit every day.

& now they're just friggin' long enough to NOT work as a regular OR doubled-over ponytail in a headwrap.

how friggin' long are your dreads now?
Dreads 2010

Dread wax "debate" report

If anyone's curious about how the dread wax debate went down: sadly, it was pretty much a bust.

Johnny Clean from DHHQ showed up as promised. He posted a 4,600-word "Dreadlocks Treaty" (I am not making this up) in which he assigned every dreadhead and their beliefs to either Category A or B, then proceeded to frame every issue from the perspective of each of those two groups.

While we were all reading & processing that, he posted his first "debate" answer. However, he did not like the wording of the question, so he rewrote it and then conveniently answered with some copy & paste from his FAQ.

Several of us complained that if clarification was needed, he should have asked us to rewrite it (since we were the ones providing the questions)... they've been posted on the forum for weeks, so it's not like he didn't have time to request rewrites. Anyways. I also asked that he not attempt to categorize everyone and their opinions, as it's polarizing and unproductive.

It's been several hours since his one & only post, and he has not replied to anything or addressed our concerns. It appears he will posting his answers only on his marketing site (you can read his treaty thing at that link) even though there is no way to post comments or questions there. But if you have questions for him, you can post to his Dreadlocks Treaty Facebook group. (Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure is...)

Running comments from the forum hosting the debate are in this thread. Keep in mind that most of the debate questions were written by one person (SoaringEagle) rather than the whole forum. :-) Check out the interesting math calculations regarding wax on page 6!