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Just a few [09 May 2010|03:10am]
My friend needed models for a photoshoot in an industrial environment.
Here are the results in all their dready goodness.
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breathe breathe in the air [09 May 2010|04:27am]
hey, a few things...

1) i just found this awesome version of dark side of the moon covered with 8 bit nintendo sounds. it's incredible. download or streaming.

2) i'm anti- bronners on locks now. i washed my non locked hair with it, and found so much gue a day or so later. i'm pretty confident that was a lot of what was in my old set. maybe i'll switch to lush? *shrug* i'm probably not locking anytime soon. oh well.

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two months! [09 May 2010|12:49pm]
today is two months since the start of my secret baby dread project. not much has changed since my last update, other than i have a new bead! some friends of mine work for a glass bead company and i had some of their beads laying around. turns out they fit perfectly! i'm in the process of having them make me one thats a bit bigger width wise. and i look forward to seeing that. :D

i also have pictures from a classic car show i went to yesterday. please tell me i'm not the only one who gets a total hard on when they see beauties like these?

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[09 May 2010|02:11pm]
Hey all~
Happy Hug yo Mama Day n_nCollapse )
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[09 May 2010|03:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ello Ello sexy people :D
I finally got my camera cord so I can post some pics...they're from december last year to more recent.. I'll probably post again in a few days with mad recent pics but who knows...im always so busy it seems. life takes up alot of time man.

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[09 May 2010|05:22pm]
So its been a little while since I last REALLY posted. My dreads are 11 months old, I've made some awesome new friends, and I got a new tat!! So without further ado walk this way!Collapse )
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fluff.. plush or something [09 May 2010|05:46pm]

Hi guys, something i struggle with last times is plush (other word for fluff right?) in my blonde dreads. It comes from some clothes i wear, and if i'm not fast enough with taking it out, it grows into my dreads. Because i've blonde dreads you can see it. This is something what really frustrates me, i don't want to touch my dreads. My dreads are more than 3 years old. Could it have to do something with the fact they getting older, so they attract more fluff because they're dry or something? And does someone over here have the same problems? And and.. does someone have a clue what to do?! I've checked the memories, and the only thing i came across was someone who had mysterious white stuff in his dreads. Wasn't really helpfull because i know it is fluff in my hairs, and it isn't white (not wearing white clothes) it's blue or black or something. Anywayss what would you guys recommend?

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[09 May 2010|06:19pm]
Hello there! So its been five months of dready goodness. I couldn't be happier with life. In four days I am done with my second year of college, Wednesday May 12, I turn 20! I just found out June 23-30 I am going to Maryland, and Washington D.C. with my best friend in the whole world!

Yesterday I bought a record player! I found a bunch of old records in my attic; Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, and I just ordered Hail to the Thief on vinyl.

I have also been drawing a lot lately, and have declared my major for my bachelors; Graphic Designer, and Illustrator.
I've been checking out schools, in Tucson, Phoenix,Seattle, and Denver. Not sure where yet, I have a year left at the community college I am at now, then I am going to transfer.
I feel like life is moving SUPER FAST, and at times its hard to keep up, but I like. I am so happy with my dreads, I love them more and more everyday.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! I did a deep clean today! it felt soo good!
WARNING: this is very picture heavy!
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