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dreads, tallbikes, and superheroes, oh my! [10 May 2010|09:15am]

i don't update as much as i should but i don't have a camera (other than my crappy-ass phone) and nik (pencil_dharma) takes so long to edit/move photos over from her camera.

here's a bunch of photos! PLUS! pencil_dharma IN AN EMBARRASSING GETUP! superhero tights lulz

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[10 May 2010|10:25am]

Bye bye dreads after 5.5 years!

I took them off because: they were heavy, they were hot, I had a baby, I wanted a change, my partner chopped his off, I wanted to get the lint off my head, and I wanted to be bald(ish) like my baby.

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[10 May 2010|07:45pm]
Hello. My name is Alex. I'm a long time lurker of this community since my best friend had dreads a few years ago and turned me onto it. I do not have dreads myself but I do want them some day. I am not quite ready for them yet though, so I'm being patient. Anyway, I am building a portfolio of photographs and a couple weeks ago I shot two of my good friends, both of whom have amazing dreads! Here are my favorite shots of them.

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i'm aliveeeeeee [10 May 2010|10:49pm]

and the dreads are more ridiculous than ever. . . what's new??
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