May 15th, 2010


Long time lurker, first time poster!

Hi! I've been lurking around for quite some time now and you have all have such beautiful locks. When I joined, I thought I would learn all about the things that *needed to be done* to make dreadlocks happen. Glad to say I have learned that the best thing I can do, seems to be nothing! Letting my hair do what it will do has been a great experience so far. Mine were backcombed by various friends, over a span of about three weeks. My hair is also exposed to salt water pretty often, and hopefully I can still do this all summer…I swim in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Hope everyone did something enjoyable today! I made s'mores with my partner with our new barbecue :)
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Hey all. I looked through the memories and found a few entries, but I thought maybe some current input would be cool. I know there are some other new people on here with dreadlings my babies age, and I thought some of you might have something to share?

My current set of skinniesh dreads are about 4 mos old. With my last set which only lasted a year or so (I decided to go literally crazy and proceeded to shave my head one night...yikes) I constantly wore them up in a ponytail. I want pretty styles!

I know this is in the memories, and I did find a few ideas, but wondering if there are any more out there! I also read Lish telling people that anything you can do with brushable hair, you can do with dreads. I'm far from creative. I'm heading to google too, but thought you guys might have some favs.

My dreadlets are barely to my shoulders. Tried tying random knots...harder than it sounds! Tried the twist bowl thing - not long enough to tuck in at the end!
Anyone with any new idears?

Here are two I tried. First one I did the twist bowl thing from either side, fastened it at the end, and tucked it in partway. Second I made a bun, stabbed a chopstick through the center upwards and back down kinda behind the bun.
Sorry for the hugeness!
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Rolling smokes is HARD :S

Hey folks, had an interesting experience today. Took a train to Zug to go hunting for some aromatherapy oils and while I was out window shopping at a crystal store, this guy came up to me and was all, "Heey, I like your rasta!" I was surprised because this is literally, like the second time anyone's commented on my hair while I was out, but I said "Yeah, thanks, but you know, it's not actually rasta for me." He made a face and was like, "Really?" and I was like, "Yeah, really. Dreadlocks aren't JUST rasta." He shrugged and proceeded to hit on me and ask me back to his room for a coffee despite how I was actually holding a coffee cup in my hand. I think I made this face: :S because this bewildered me on a number of levels, not the least of which is that I've never been hit on in English before, let alone German (which we were speaking).

Later on in the train station, some guy walked past me and gave me this really serious nod before saying "Your dreadlocks!". And that's it. I made this face again after saying thanks :S

Introducing Crowley! He's my fork :D I haven't got an Aziraphael yet, but I'll find him.

poke the peguin!!!

I'm lookin to go a little more "normal"... I guess?

So I went to the optometrist and picked out some red Ray Bans... They're gonna have regular seeing glasses lenses when I bring them back, and I'm getting the transitions lenses cuz I'm sick of not being able to wear sunglasses... XD

Now, I've had the blue and purple in my dreads for a while... I've only redone in once, but  I'm getting kinda bored with it... my question to you guys is this.... Should I go all darker brown, or darker brown with some bleached ones thrown in to add a little pizzaz cuz that's more my personality?

I'm sooooo indecisive... I need you guys to hook me up with some opinions. Thanks GUDU!