May 16th, 2010

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rawr i'm a taco

back again, back again - this time with a nine month update. i've hit that awesome stage at the end of shrinkage where they're finally growing again. and, of course, the joy of having them stick out every which way - you turn your head and then you turn back, but your dreads don't turn with you, they kind of just... stay there. it's hilarious.

am looking forward to some real growth in the coming months. or at least, i'm hoping for some!

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horn-rimmed glasses

Beautiful locks

Hi all. It's been a while since I've updated.

I still have dreadlocks. I am still lurking like crazy on here. That's my update for today, sorry. I unfortunately have no pictures for you yet- but I will get around to uploading them soon, I promise! Until then, I thought I'd share a gorgeous picture I found today.

I don't know if any of you are on, but there's some amazing artwork/photography on that site. One of today's daily deviations was this. I'd post the picture here but it's copyrighted and I don't feel like asking for the artist's permission, so please click the link. You can click on the image to enlarge :)

I don't know who this man is, only that he is in some European band I've never heard of. So if anyone has any clue, please enlighten me. I just thought I'd share this because I loooove this man's locks, and it's a neat shot and all. Enjoy!

Disappearing Dreads

Hello GUDU!
As some of you may remember, I started my set nearly 4 months ago. The problem? Most of my babies have disappeared. Oddly enough the ones on top of my head have made it through, and are now quite tight :) The rest however, seems to have simply vanished. Especially the back of my head seems to be very dread resistant - I have had it backcombed roughly 3 times now, with varying degrees of tightness and yet not one dread is left over. I just can't figure out what the problem is, especially because a couple (8, I just counted) have made it through. I didn't touch any of them, and wouldn't let other people touch them either (no matter how insistent they were that I must definitely do some crotcheting).
So now I'm faced with a dilemma: should I try to backcomb them again? Should I wait until my hair gets longer and then try again (it's shoulder length now) or should I just let it be and see what forms naturally? The main points that I have to consider are a) that my hair is naturally curly and when I lie on it it goes flat (which is one of the plus points dreads carry with them in my opinion - no flatness! (or at least not as noticeable)) and b) I am graduating on the 25th of June and want to look pretty :D If need be I could hide it somewhat under a scarf or something, but it would be nice if I could present it in some form...

And help/advice would be greatly appreciated! I really want dreads, and this whole thing is just bringing my mood down. :-/

My beloved camera is broken, so no pictures I'm afraid :(

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2 years, 5 months

It's been a good week with my dreads, I'm happy to report!  My office happens to be located inside a mostly-government building, so I tend to get strange looks or negative comments if people outside of my company pay attention to my hair.  On Friday though a woman stopped me in the stairwell to tell me that she really liked mine and asked a ton of questions because her 17 year old daughter wants dreads.  After a while she admitted that she doesn't want her to get them, but what was great is that she actually wanted to understand the process of how they're done and what not to do (I told her that if her kid does do them to tell her not to use wax, and to do a lot of research).  Then she asked if she could touch them and she kept smiling so I think I sort of pushed her a little closer to respecting her kids' decision in the end.  Then later the same day a random dude at a store complimented me on them and mentioned that he had just cut off his 14 year old locks.  In the end he told me to never cut mine, and I left with a smile.

Friday also marked the day that I successfully tied up my dreads (without any elastics) and they actually stayed in place for about 6 hours as opposed to constantly coming undone.  Naturally this means today I played around with them and took some pictures for the sake of being vain.  Excuse my weird claw hand in this picture...

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Dry Shampoo

As you all know, I run a lot and I would like an alternative to not having sweaty scalp until my next wash. I've also been talking about it with another dreadhead and we couldn't figure out if dry shampoo would work for dreads.

I'm thinking that it probably wouldn't do much harm, but some of the instructions on this site call for brushing it out which is impossible with dreads.

I was thinking that the worst case scenario would be that you would look like you spilled drugs all over your dreads, and the best case scenario would be that you could pat/shake the visible shampoo out.

Anyone have any experience/info on this as it pertains to dreads?