May 17th, 2010

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Hello GUDU!

I'm in New York... and choosing to NOT go to Europe tomorrow. I'm... hoping I don't regret this for the rest of my life. xD And I figured I would share because... well, it's big. [And more-over, because I feel like a whiney-bitchface if I mention it too often in "realtime" conversations, yet still feel compelled to shout it at the rooftops!]

Anyway though, the real point being, I'll be in NY longer than originally expected. [Not sure how long yet!] and I'm wondering if anyone around either the five boroughs or Niagara Falls is around to do some dready maintenance and/or just chill out?

Also, so this isn't total crap: Collapse )

just board

just trying to figure out what to do, so i thought i might as well show that my dreads dont stink by showing that i love smelling natural dreads.

p.s. check out the dovekins....great colorado band


Regarding Natural Hair..

I didn't see a lot of photos regarding starting dreads the "natural" way.

I haven't brushed my hair in about 3-4 months, except the bangs area, and I've already got some dreads forming! (I think.) I also wash my hair once every 3-4 days, switching between shampoo for my psoriasis and baking soda/vinegar (which also works wonders for psoriasis!)

They're mostly coming in the back, but not really so much on the sides, which is a bit of a pain, but I love how my hair looks, just like it wants to be. :)

What ways can I encourage my hair to start dreading on the sides?

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Have a great day everyone! :)
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I posted literally just a matter of hours ago, but. This is more hair related. I couldn't get to my camera to upload the pics I actually wanted to use in the last post. And so I didn't mention just how much I adore being able to literally tie my hair up, without using a single rubber band or bobby pin. So... Collapse )
zombie head


I went to spray some salt water on my dreads. I didn't feel like turning on a light because all I needed to do was grab a spray bottle off the counter and spritz. Also I like dwelling in darkness.
But we use all the same kind of spray bottles, different colors, and then make a note of their contents with a sharpie. Colors and notes which cannot be seen in the darkness.
We make our own household cleaners too. Usually with white vinegar.
Do you see where I going with this?

I was waiting it out, trying to see if the smell would air out like it does when I wipe my counter tops. Now I think a rinse is needed. I smell like I've been pickled.

For further amusement, check out my loops:
loops of DOOM
They get more intense after each wash. I think it has something to do with my naturally wavy hair trying to kink up as it dries.