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my dreads will be 1 year 7 months on the 24th [19 May 2010|12:52pm]
i was in a zombie movie not too long ago. it was for a class project for a friend of mine.
here it is :]

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and here are some pictures!
(quite a few, actually)

click ovah heah, bub.Collapse )

i hope it's not raining wherever you are. 'cause it sure is here! but that's cool, now i get to wear my new raincoat! :]
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shorter thinner dreads [19 May 2010|01:33pm]

this is how they look now. thinner and shorter and they dont really look like dreads anymore from far.
Took out all synthetic hair except for the pink one.

What happened was, i wanted to take out all of my dreads. but then halfway down, i decided not too. so i redread them again. and now they are thin and short and fluffy. sigh
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Fresh Outta the Tub [19 May 2010|06:33pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So these pictures are fresh from a nice bath. Then I dried them by holding them out the car window en route to a party. You should have seen the water fly! hahah! but coming up on 9 months (I could've had a baby in that time-yikes). Washing them in the tub tighten them up so much. Now onward to the pichars!

Oh the magic of dreads!

Trip and Spill Your Coffee This WayCollapse )

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