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Greetings From Cali [20 May 2010|11:11am]
hey fellow gudus :) just wanted to send you some of my cali lovin♥

(dont make fun of my duckface! Im just an awkward person naturally)Collapse )
ALSO! anyone in the Los Angeles area that knows about coloring dreads?? or that can possibly help me? I will take some awesome pictures of your hair and maybe buy you a beer :)
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wax how concerned should i be? [20 May 2010|04:25pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

About a week ago I put in dreads.  I did the backcombing method.  I put wax in.  Then i started to read all this stuff about wax.  I just washed my hair today and the wax was not comming out.  Common sense tells me if i continue to wax it will be even harder to get out.  I washed my hair 2 times in the shower then soaked it a little and then washed again.  Since they are new i didnt want to over wash. There is stll a bit of wax in my dreads but not like before.  Is it neccessary for me to get it out right now or can I wait a few more days and wash again and see if i get the rest out?? How important is it to get it out right away?  I have very thin fine hair and i didnt want the dreads to come out.  Also I heard apple cider vinger works?  Is this true?

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[20 May 2010|05:47pm]
Since no ones posting today, here's a lovely pic of my bald spot while on a smoke break
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Oh. Jk. There's all the posts! Heh.
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Anybody in Amsterdam ? [20 May 2010|08:04pm]
Hey GUDU,  for a second i was worried about my flight to Amsterdam would be canceled due to the Strike in London or the volcano but just delayed for 3 hours in London.
And I will be in Amsterdam this Saturday for 2 weeks with my best friend.   I was wondering if there's anybody I can go to for dread maintenance while I'm in Amsterdam or any salon that I can check out? 
Can't wait to leave NY!!!

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