May 21st, 2010

  • lishd

an encounter

yesterday, while leaving a restaurant with some friends, we were walking a few blocks back to the car when i heard an excited, "dreads! DREADS!" i turned around, & a tall, slender african-american woman with lovely skinny mid-back-length dreads was running after me. the conversation ensued:

her: oh my gosh, your dreads are SO NICE! i almost didn't stop you, i hope i'm not bothering you, but i've never seen dreads like this on a white person! i mean, i don't mean...
me: haha, it's a totally different hair texture, i understand what you mean.
her: it's just yours are SO NICE! they're a nice thickness too, i can't believe how nice they are. hey! do you know anything about conditioning dreads?!
me: why yes, i do!

she showed me some of her tips, which were dry and mildly unravelling. i talked a couple minutes with her about protein & moisturizing conditioners (as documented in my dyeing guide). turns out she's fifty but definitely doesn't look it ("i must have highlander blood in me!"), but dyes her roots to hide the gray, so if she's touching that up every few weeks, then it's reasonable that her dreads are getting a bit too dry at the bottom to hold together well.

she asked how i know so much, & i explained that this is one of my side businesses. i wrote down my website for her, & she hugged me, then apologized again for interrupting our conversation. i assured her she was totally respectful & i appreciated the compliments, & she hugged me again.

so many of you have had negative dread-based interactions recently, i thought you might like to hear about a great one. feel free to use the comments to post your own positive stories!