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[24 May 2010|01:20pm]
I am looking for someone in South Florida who can dread my hair. I had them done years ago but they were not done correctly and I want to be sure they are right this time around. I live in Cape Coral....is anyone close by that would be interested in this? Contact me and we can work something out. Thank you!
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[24 May 2010|06:47pm]
on my way hitchhiking to mexico, BABIES were torn

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I still haven't washed them (it's been about 3 weeks with them now), though I did soak in hot springs for a few days a week ago.
They are coming a little undone at the ends. My hair is pretty much all different lengths. So some of my little ones in the back are only a couple inches long, and they are about half way undone.
Should I keep twisitng and ripping? I did that to a couple and it kind of looks funny...haha, I guess it's all knots anyway right?
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10 months! + India [24 May 2010|07:01pm]
Hey guys! My dreads are 10 months old now.

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:) [24 May 2010|10:11pm]
herro gudu :) i was meaning to post pics and whatnot the day i backcombed, however i got very lazy, and then the phone i had that had the pictures on it, broke =/ so now theres no pictures! however, i plan on buying a camrea very soon :)

so yes! i have a head full of baby dreads now :) i couldn't be more happy! my friend sarah did the sectioning, and i did all the backcombing myself! i was reluctant to wash my hair at first, because i was afraid of them coming undone, but fortunately they stayed locked! (it's cause i'm pro at backcombing, obvs.)

but chyea. they're amazing. i dyed one dread turquoise =P. i think it gives it a little uniqueness. i want to wrap one or two of my dreads with thread, i've seen some people here with that, but i'd like to wait a little while longer. it's only been about 3 weeks. i also bought a sick knitted hat to keep them all in, and some dr. bronner's shiz. oh! and i went swimming today in the OCEAN and they feel all soft now :) mmmm. ocean. here's a cool picture of the beach i go to!

anywho, that's all! i'll post pictures in a few months most likely. love you all!
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