May 25th, 2010

dirty feet

2 months old :)

Ever since I found this community it's really made me smile to read everyone's stories and see all the great photos, so I thought I would post some pictures of how my dreads have come along since I started them March 16th. And the only reason I remember the date is that it's my dad's birthday haha.

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MOD POST - image thievery

it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to steal pics from this community for use on your tumblr or other site. if you want to repost someone else's pics, you need their permission & you need to give credit in your link. if i catch you doing otherwise, you will be immediately banned from GUDU without trial.

if you want to avoid your pics being stolen, you should watermark your images & make members-only posts... but be aware there's no guarantee they won't still be stolen. i'm not going to put GUDU on lockdown to combat a problem that's existed since the dawn of the internet, but do email me with proof of thievery when you see it, & we'll boot these pissant losers out of our comm.

i'm adding a rule to the userinfo in warning of this.


In the last few month I have added 5 new dreads to accompany my 1 year and 3 month old one. I am loving them. Also, I'm in Argentina on a study abroad and I just got back from Glacier trekking! It was amazing! I hiked on Perito Moreno Glacier, it's the only glacier in the world that hasn't started shrinking and is still in balance with it's melting and freezing cycle.

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heavenly thought

Trying to think of this hairstyle!

Okay, so I was definitely about to post a question about something that had just one entry in the memories. If I'd have scrolled up & down slower, I wouldn't have typed up about 3 paragraphs of me trying to describe what I was trying to describe.

Good thing I realized the basis of what I was looking for was a sort of bun!

I want to thank lishd   for having such an awesome memories section and all of GUDU for helping to create it! Specifically chescaleigh for this entry!

So yeah. All this was is a public thank-you to GUDU. :)

p.s.: I'm going to attempt to do the 'Reverse Antlers' found in this post. If I'm successful, I will be posting pics!

I might post even if I fail. :p
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anyone seriously considering making the chop? maybe just trim some of the weight off? or do you have an old, already cut set kicking around that you're willing to part with? this site doesn't make mention of dreads specifically, but they're taking donations of hair to help soak up oil down at the gulf, and I'm sure knotted hair counts too: I'm planning on cropping all of my brushable hair soon (which, in case you don't remember me, is currently very long on one side) and I thought this idea might appeal to some dreadheads out there as well.

for proof that it works and other ways to help out (if you're not quite ready to rock a pixie cut), click here and here.

I'm going to post again soon with some recent photos of my self and my three concealed (soon to be revealed!) dreads, but for now I just wanted to send this along.


ETA: damn, as a few of the commenters have pointed out, BP is apparently refusing to accept the hair booms and people are being asked to stop sending donations. I'm disappointed, of course, but I guess your best bet is to donate detergent or other needed materials instead of your hair trimmings.
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Possibly my last night of dreads :(

I just got a job at Yosemite...don't ask me how, nothing but a series of miracles I think. I will be living there for 5 months, starting tomorrow eeek. I have not met my employer in person, only had a phone interview. I'll be working as the camp host of Curry Village. My concern is in the packet it explains grooming procedures which seem pretty strict. They don't say no dreadlocks in particular but it does say only well groomed and conservative hairstyles. I plan on styling my dreads conservatively so hopefully that'll be enough. And employee packet things tend to be way more strict than it actually is in real life so I hope I get to keep my babies...they've come so far and even though I've been frustrated with them a lot lately and thinking about my old hair, now faced with the end I reallllllllllllllly don't want to have to lose my dreads. Anyways, keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll be bringing my flea comb and conditioner I just bought just in case (not ready for chopping my hair short) Anyways, here are some of the possibly last pictures of me with dreads...
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