June 1st, 2010


Dreads and Swimming

Yes I read the memories, but have a couple of questions.

What exactly is so bad about chlorine with dreads?  I swam constantly growing up and never...treated my hair specially or capped it or anything, just basically lived in chlorinated water all summer long, and never had any ill effects.  Is there something to worry about more with dreads?

I've read now about soaking them first to avoid soaking up the chlorine, and I've been doing salt water soaking 2 times a week...could I soak with the salt water before swimming instead of just regular water?  Because I always have to rinse them out well after a salt water soak and so forth...two birds with one stone here maybe?  Or would that just negate the good salt benefits?

  • lishd


anyone watch hell's kitchen tonight? season seven has a dreadhead who claimed to've had her locks for eight years - but they're shorter than mine were at ONE year, so here's hoping she's trimmed them since. i hate her already. :D any other fans of the series?