June 3rd, 2010



Hey there, I'm new. I've been following the community for a while but I'm shy. After reading enough posts, I realized that unlike a whole lot of communities on LJ, you guys are pretty supportive and nice to people who post, as long as they follow the rules.
I started my dreads in July. I'd flirted with the idea a few times before, but gotten cold feet and combed them out after a few weeks each time. I am a recovering addict and had a bad relapse and had to move home to detox, and for about a month, I unintentionally utilized the neglect method simply because I was too sick to bother combing or brushing my hair, so I'd just shower and go back to bed (longtime user of dr. bronners, so I think that helped). Once I got well enough to start caring about my appearance, I realized that I had little dreadlings starting and figured what had previously seemed like a major change - letting my hair lock - now seemed minor in comparison to what laid before me as far as getting clean was concerned.

Today, I'm about ten and-a-half months clean and my dreads are just about that old. I love them.

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I love looking at everybody's pictures; thanks for looking at mine!
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What is it about hair and symbolism?

I almost cut off all of my hair last night, including all of my 7 dreads, 6 of which are still babies. When something good ends in your life, it's like cutting off your hair is a symbol of what you have lost. What are some of the times where you have or have almost cut off your hair/dreads for a symbolic reason? If you did cut them, did you regret it or was it a relief? If you didn't cut them, are you glad you waited until you were thinking more clearly to make such a drastic decision?

Edit// I'm glad I didn't cut off my hair, in the end. Dreads are something I have wanted for a very long time and I finally have some and they deserve the chance to see more of my life.

some rambles. :D

since i started the dread journey 10 months ago, i've seen so much of the world. from backpacking europe, to working at an orphanage in eastern africa... to living in the slums of india... its been an incredible experience and i LOVE that i can mark the beginning of these travels with the birth of my dreadlocks. in a way, they're the physical manifestation of my internal growth.. from starting out as these frizzy little babies.. to getting messy and tangled.. and then the tangles finally evening themselves out.. and the dreads themselves slowly becoming tougher and more formed.. just like myself!

anyways, here's to lovin' my dreads.

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