June 7th, 2010


Dandruff Solution - Confirmed!

I wanted to take a minute to confirm a fantastic anti-dandruff solution posted by creativexangst 

I saw this post and was immediately excited! I'm new to the world of dreads and have always had an issue with dandruff. As an avid user of Head 'n Shoulders (pre-dread of course), I was itchin’ for a dandruff solution that wouldn't leave a build-up of crap in my hair.

 I saw this post and immediately went home to try out. I mixed 2 crushed aspirin with one part Dr. Bronner’s (about a "cap-full" or so) with some water (enough to poor the mixture evenly onto my hair) and poured the mixture over my hair. Let the mixture sit for about 2 minutes (felt a little tingly - not sure if it was the aspirin or maybe just my scalp being sensitive right now with the new dreads and all?). I rinsed the mixture out of my hair and re-washed.

After a quick blow dry and evaluation, I'm MUCH less flaky! There are still a few patches of super fine dandruff but I would say this method removed about 80% of the dandruff.

I hope this method treats you other dandruff-sufferers as well as it treated me!

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