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it can ring like fire when you lose your way [09 Jun 2010|02:07am]
my dreads have been growing natural after friend backed combed them for me, and for the past few months i have been getting a lot of loose hair...
any tips?
(i dont palm roll or twist or anything, looking for a natural way out of the way loose baby hairs)

not the best picture, but still i have so many loose hairs, and i dont wanna do shit as in chemicals, any good tips?
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Deep clean reason? [09 Jun 2010|08:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I have been dying to ask this question:
If you take a bath about once a week to thoroughly wash your hair and let it soak; do you need to ever do a deep clean? I find the ol batheroo, saves water for washing them and they come out a whole lot cleaner than when I shower wash them. I also attribute this to them locking up uber quick.
(ps. I shower my skin everyday, just not my hairz)
(pps. I purused the memories and nothing specifically hit on this)
Thanks in advance. ;)

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