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[12 Jun 2010|10:31am]
[ mood | chipper ]

i was working in an awesome seafood place on the water in san diego for 6 years and i was fired! boohoohoo. i just really hope i dont have to cut my hair just to find a damn job! im not sure how long i will let it go. im not even getting any call backs so they arnt rejecting me cuz my hair.

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A month and a question! [12 Jun 2010|11:24am]

I've had my dreads for a month now.  Its funny how people who know nothing about dreads want to comment about them.  Last night someone told me my dreads were falling out because they were frizzy.  I just simply shook my head and told him no they are fine.
I do have a question.  I used rubber bands for a while just took them out.   I sectioned off my hair and did backcombing to do my dreads. In the back  there is a part.  Its a big gap right where the part is.  Is this normal?  Did the rubber bands cause this?  Will it go away? Or did i just goof up on my dreads?
here is a pic .

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[12 Jun 2010|11:30am]
Hello all!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend.....and just for kicks... i came across a picture that might possibly be THE most unattractive photo of me of all time.....just thought i'd share :)...hahaha.....dun-dun-dun..........

Happy weekend!
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Dread Timeline- Babies to 1 Year 3 Months [12 Jun 2010|07:55pm]
[ mood | Fantastic! ]

I've been around here for a while, but only have a chance to check in rarely and sporadically so I've really only read a few memories and commented a handful of times.... =( Since I found this community, I have really wanted to post but never had the time to get a time line together for all you wonderful people. I finally did it so here ya go! =D

Come take a ride down the rainbow slide!Collapse )

Now, time to finish making a terrarium for my new pet slug, Guadalupe! Peace and love!

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