June 16th, 2010



My dreads will be one month this monday, the day of the solstice! Also feeling about time for the first deep clean, they're getting kind of sandy from all the outside time we've been having.

Ever since I got them I knew this was for me, my dreads make me feel so powerful, self-confident,unique, and at peace with myself and people are always complimenting me on them and having conversations with people about dreads is so much fun. It's all so mystical. :) I don't regret it one bit.

Here's a photo from this past weekend. :)
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POW-POW! I shot you! No, I shot YOU first!

 Hey GUDU!

The last weekend of May, I went to a Multicultural Convention for the National Presbytery Church. I was a leader, giving the youth activities to do! But enough about that. While I was there, I was doing some scouting work! I decided to turn the camera around toward other people I saw while I was there! I missed one guy's locks that were absolutely amazing. His weren't my favorite [I captured my favorite!], but his were tied for 2nd best to me. Well enough of the dialogue.

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I'll catch YOU folks on the flipside!!!

ello ello, anyone know how to re-section a centre parting?

Hey all, huge apologies if this is in the memories already but i was wondering if anyone has resectioned the centre parting on mature dreads? I've no idea how i'd go about doing it, my dreads are 3 years old and boob length. The centre parting is really making me miserable, over the years it seems to have gotten w i d e r and wider and now makes me look like a right baldilocks.

I dont have any pictures of  the chasm but heres a few randoms that show my hair:


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after doing my lovely friend jez's  dread mullet. if you'd like to have a nosy at some of my dread work


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