June 22nd, 2010



Hey folks! I had a thought about something fun to do within the community, and it spawned from the actions of both me and my lovely zekuromu .

So get this. How about a sort of dread-spotting contest? Like it could be a week or a month long contest where people take pics of other people they see w/ locs! Preferrably a pic with them if possible. If people's cams have a date stamp option, they can turn that on. Whoever gets the most pics at the end of the time limit wins!

...I have no idea on prizes though.

But anyway! Is this something you all might be interested in? If so, throw some ideas out for the contest or its prizes! I'll try my best to see what I can do to get the prize(s).

p.s.: check out the music I'm listening to! My friend is working on a solo album (he's the entire band). If you're into the likes of 30STM, +44, Paramore and/or Amberlin, then this might be someone you want to check out

"Alone Tonight" free download
The Aesthetic FB page
I don't mean to sound like an advertisement. I just dig his single!


Sorry for the suggestion, folks. The few times I've done it over the past few years, no one's had a problem after I spoke with them [first time stealing a pic was a month ago]. So I thought it'd be an interesting idea.
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Bye bye dreads.

I almost made it to two years! The initial plan was to only have them for a year, but I loved them too much. I think I kept them so much longer though, because I didn't want to deal with taking them out. My hair was pretty damaged before dreading, and whilst dreaded. So instead of having awesomely long hair, I had to cut it pretty short  after combing them out because it was so thin. (During combing them out, I was actually able to pull an entire dread clean off my head! D:) I thought the comb out was gonna be this intense emotional journey that would definitely make me cry, but I actually had no impulse to cry throughout the entire 12 hour comb-out process. More than anything I was excited to start this new journey.

I will always always always love my time with my dreads (even though I had a lot of days I hated them) but I'm pretty happy with my new look. For now anyways! There's no way I could ever decide which one I like better, both styles have their positive and negative sides. But I'm happy for right now and that's all the matters. :]

I'm definitely gonna stick around though. You beautiful dreaded people inspire me and I thoroughly enjoy looking at your beautiful locks! Maybe even so much that I'll start a second set some day in the future... ;] Who knows?

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some misc shots

hello from sunny (and friggin' hot) california. i was out doing some work in the greenhouse this afternoon and took a couple of shots while i was taking a break. thought i'd post some of the photos and Collapse )
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i was recently experimenting with ways to make fake dread extentions, and i had the idea to make some out of dollarama rainbow skipping rope for practicing myself, since it is cheap, fun, and colorful... i didn't take a picture of all the ones i made, but here are some blue ones...
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and so on that same line of thought i continued experimenting with cheap fake hair from dollarama, the ones that they sell on hairclips... i made dreads with them and crocheted them into my hair, and i really like the result... here are some pics of me that my sister took last weekend, where you can see the result of the extentions. i am quite pleased with the result and i'm considering to add some more.
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Hello! I've not really posted in here (or LJ to be honest) in months and months... I just saw this photo of me taken at Hellfest in France this weekend and it immediately made me think of here!

Was anyone else from here there? There were dreads everywhere!
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