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Introducing... [23 Jun 2010|02:42pm]
Just thought I would say hello. I don't usually keep up with communities but GUDU has some fantastic information and a good share of folks who aren't afraid to say what's on their mind. I love that.

I currently hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent my whole adult life in a conservative biotech work environment until 2 years ago when I left to write for a small photography company. It's awesome, and the freedom to be whoever I wanted to be is addicting.

That said, I've had my dreads since September and, unfortunately, started off on the wrong foot. They're coming along pretty well despite everything but after reading through all the memories here I know have some wax removal and deep cleaning in the very near future.

My natural dreads are about 6 inches long at this point, with extensions bringing them to about boob-length. I would like to remove these in due time, but I'm a little bit dependent on the length since it makes styling a lot easier.

Thanks to everyone for asking all the questions I should have asked nine months ago, and to Lish for keeping this info organized. I'm really looking forward to learning and staying inspired through your experiences.

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I used to keep a photo-a-day project going (although it's slowed down considerably in the last year) so my dreads do make an appearance every now and then.

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Unisex Loc Knots hair how-to [23 Jun 2010|09:45pm]
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just turned 2 years old [23 Jun 2010|11:16pm]
beach + pool + campfire = summer dreads!

Most of the time I can't stand dealing with my crazy, curly loose hair, but still...I kind of love it.
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