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Questions and hurtful comments I suppose, hah. [24 Jun 2010|10:56am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hello guys
(bit of background)
I've been wanting my dreads for years and years, like since I was about 11 and I saw a girl with dreadlocks on holiday, and said to my mom "what's wrong with her hair mom it looks really nice I want to do that", and my mom was like "ok you can when you're 18.." and then forgot about it, and thought I'd forgotten about it, til I was 16 and started being like, so I'm getting my dreads in 2 years :D In the mean time I've done tons of research, asked loads of questions whenever I met someone with dreads, and read all the memories here on GUDU. I got my dreads just about 3 weeks ago I think, and posted pictures on here which you may remember.

(more story-talk, and pictures after the cut so it's not all me ranting on)Collapse )
Anyway enough complaining already! Now I'm off to wash my hair (because I can, even though it's dreaded! :P) and revise for my next unit.

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One Year / Summer Solstice [24 Jun 2010|11:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I finished my year and a day commitment to having dreadlocks! And I've decided to keep them!


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call for entries - video collab! [24 Jun 2010|11:23am]

Hey guys! i'm working on a video for my chescalocs YouTube channel and I want the members of Get Up Dread Up to be a part of it!

Video Collab call for entriesCollapse )

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Super Big News [24 Jun 2010|01:31pm]
So I have awesome news...my dreads are a year old!! Expect a montage in the near future because I'm super psyched about this. For their birthday, I'm taking them to the beach-Hampton Beach specificially from Friday to Wednesday. Any dreadies in the area who want to go for a salt water dip with me? :D
Me :DCollapse )
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To dread or not to dread... [24 Jun 2010|02:35pm]
Hello everyone.

I used to have dreads. I don't really remember why I got rid of them, but I know that at one point it was because I was tired of people telling me how stupid I looked. You guessed it, that mostly came from my family.

I've regretted cutting out my dreads. It was about 3 years ago. I still miss them. I had only had them for 3 months.

I've been thinking about getting them again. I still live in the same town as my mother and see my family often. But my husband and I are the type who prefer to be ourselves rather than let others dictate what we do or say. I've always done my own thing and I'm raising my children to be individuals (which sometimes backfires lol).

*sigh* I feel like if I don't do something that I like (so long as it won't hurt anyone) and instead allow my family, or society, or anyone dictate if I do it or not...what sort of message am I sending my kids? Not one I want to send them!

I think tonight I'm going to dread again. I might wait till tomorrow or Saturday (having friends over this weekend and I'm sure they'll help me with the back). [Point is that I'll do it soon.)

*hugs to all*
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[24 Jun 2010|04:28pm]
I had my two year dreadiversary on april 2nd but my life has been so hectic that I haven't had time to update. It still is, so I put together a mediocre timeline, with not the most flattering photos, when I really wanted to put together a better one for the 2yr mark.

.......theres a moon above me, but no one to love me.......Collapse )
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