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[27 Jun 2010|11:13am]
One new pic from france (I've moved from norway to my homeland)

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[27 Jun 2010|11:15am]
Hello everyone!
Sooo, my 1 week old dreads and I had our prom on Friday...

Yes, they were crocheted...Collapse )
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Introduction [27 Jun 2010|02:28pm]
Hey, I'm a new member to this thread. My name is Jamie. I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I don't have dreads yet but I'm trying to get one of my friends to help me do it.  I am planning on doing the backcombing technique. Anybody else here from the Western PA area?

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red... brown... or something in between? Help would be so greatly apppreciated [27 Jun 2010|06:05pm]
Hello all........I am having a bit of  a fit with my color and am desperately in search of  some honest suggestions.....

some visual aids...Collapse )
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