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dready classics [28 Jun 2010|05:51pm]

you know, one thing about dreadlocks I personally love most of all. it's the way they look with classic or elegant clothes. locks make every look better, but this way is the greatest to me. it suits every age, every gender and style:)
I used to wear snickers and hoodies only, thinking that nothing would become me with dreads, but later on, I discovered the whole new approach to my appearance) now I feel way more feminine and graceful and I like this feeling. locks are no obstacle to elegance)))
of course, I still wear snickers and jeans in everyday life, but it's not the only way for me now)

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[28 Jun 2010|06:07pm]

mah dreadies this way =)Collapse )
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photos taken at the rockies game [28 Jun 2010|08:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this dude goes around taking peoples picture at the rockies game (baseball) and i got a couple of me and my friend lauren.
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1/2 a year celebration!! [28 Jun 2010|09:19pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Before I get to the pictures, I have been fighting off MRSA infections for 6 months now. I have been on antibiotics what seems like every other week. I have had 5 infections in those 6 months. I have to take 2 showers a day now and to save energy and water, I have been using water left over from my previous shower. I just plug the drain. But I think this is not helping because I know germies can get in that water and that defeats the purpose. Ramble Ramble Ramble.

Has anyone else had MRSA? How did you deal with it?

I just got an oil diffuser, and put some MRSA killing oils in it. My room smells loverly now.

I also went to yoga for the first time today. I really enjoied it. I will be going back on Wednesday too. :)

Onward to my adventures in GainesvilleCollapse )

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A story for you, dreaded loves! [28 Jun 2010|10:28pm]
[ mood | Flipping Fantastic! ]

Do enjoy! Although, I must warn you the content matter is of objectionable taste, some may say....
Those Dreaded River Monsters! (NSFW)Collapse )

All the amazing photography is by my incredible muse, Che Arrajj. <3

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