June 29th, 2010

dreaded color disaster

Hello all. I posted about a week ago about my bad hair color experience. I've been washing and deep cleansing and not noticing enough change, so I'm on to try chemical help for my hairs. Please give any advice you may have. I would like a light brown put back into my hair. Should I go to a salon and do a stripper then color? Should I bleach out the black and then color? I've never had my hair dyed in my life, so I really am clueless.
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one picture that i really like from last weekend. i made the dreads for the guy with the orange hair three or four years ago, and well i'm the girl in the picture. water is the best thing in the world when you're dancing in the sun :)

[hopefully non-annoying] noob question

First of all, I did read the memories. The areas I checked didn't really talk about this issue [which is probably normal, but I'm unsure].

EDIT: That's all folks. Completely normal -- move along.

Basically the first dread I backcombed did really well. It's stiff, and feels hard and knotty and just all around proper [at least from what I've gathered]. In all the starting dreads and baby dread posts I've seen, every dread is sticking out, and the description of "stiff" seems to be the ultimate goal ["backcomb until stiff"]. I'm doing the same thing to every dread, but only the first one is this stiff:

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The question: Is it okay for my dreads to be backcombed thoroughly [can't get a comb to really budge anymore to backcomb further] but not be stiff and sticking straight out?

I'm really sorry if this is a question often received. I know for you Pros it is an eye-roller. But I have no experience with how a baby dread is supposed to feel [nor does my sister-in-law, who is helping with the back] and we're doing everything we've seen on tutorials & photos. Once all backcombed I'm content to sit and let them do their thing, but I want to make sure I'm getting them off to a good start -- especially before I finish my head.

If this is covered in the memories, just please direct me to the right link. As I said I've checked the Starting and Baby dreads sections, as well as the Backcombing links [and all the ones listed in my previous post]. Maybe I'm not connecting a very important dot? If I'm doing right, and this is normal, then just a "Yeah, it's normal, now keep at it!" will work :) Again, sorry for my dread-ignorance.
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I love it when I get unexpected compliments from the most unlikely people. Today at the grocery store it was insanely crowded and I was patiently waiting for a little old lady to move her shopping cart out of the aisle before I made my way in. She looked up at me, stared hard, then said "ooooh, your hair! it's so pretty! what a neat idea. I never thought of doing that." I'm not sure what she never thought of doing. Dreads? Tying yarn into it? (though I haven't added any yarn for a couple years and it's looking pretty sad) Either way, it made my day.

And for good measure, here's a pic. Might this be what the future holds?

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No Poo + Aspirin for Dandruff Relief

A few weeks ago there were some posts about the positive results of using aspirin in your normal washing regiment to get rid of dandruff/itchy scalp. I don't use Dr. Bronner's or any of the other suggested shampoos, but I wanted to try and incorporate aspirin into my no poo ways especially since it's hotter than a hooker's crotch here in Texas and my flakies will only get worse as summer progresses.

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Overall, I've had really positive results. My scalp seems cleaner and stays clear longer than it did with just the vinegar pre-wash. I haven't even gotten sweaty scalp itchies yet except when I did a control week when I didn't use the aspirin. I'm not sure if adding in aspirin keeps the whole thing "no poo", but I'm not a stickler. I got into it because it made my scalp happy, so I come from that prospective.

Let me know if this works for you! :)
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