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i took my dreads to botswana, south africa and the world cup! [30 Jun 2010|11:53am]
Warning: TONS of photos ahead!

So me and two good friends have been planning our trip to Botswana and South Africa for almost two years now. One of my friends, Kwabena, is from Botswana and hasn't seen his family in 9 years since he came to the states and he's been wanting to go back. Coincidentally, The World Cup is currently being held in South Africa, which is a short bus ride away from Gaborone, Botswana (short = 9 hours). The 3 of us are futbol fanatics and always up for an adventure so we said LET'S GO !!!

I hope this isn't photo overload, here we go.....

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WHEW okay.. that was about 1/2 the photos I took while we were there. I can't say enough incredible things about every person we met. Everyone was so gracious and giving and kind. Can't wait to go back :)
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Around 10 Months... [30 Jun 2010|01:40pm]
Hey GuDuers...it's been a few months since I've posted, but I've been having alot of idea's go through my head and I need some input. My dreadies are almost 10 months, and I'm real excited because it went by so fast!!! I can't wait for a year...I really hope they start to grow soon! (The itching has also basically stopped, so for those of you who have babies that are younger than mine and itching is a real issue, it likely will go away in time...) Anyhoo...my dreads were put in my by ex boyfriend, around September...and we just recently broke up about a month ago. We were living together, i'm FINALLY moving out this Thursday!!! Let's just say it hasn't been so much fun. So what I've been thinking, I feel like I'm carrying around negative weight and as if my dreadlings have bad connotations with jerkboy...since he was the one who created them. I'm also going through sort of an identity-crisis and have decided to persue my interest in women. I've been thinking about cutting my dreads off as soon as they hit 1 year, getting a pixie cut or something like it, and starting my dread journey at a different time, on a clean slate, with my life in a better, more positive place. Besides the fact that i'm really bugged by the way he sectioned them...
Here's some pics so ya'll can see what i'm workin with...

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Thanks for listening, and looking...!!!
Love always,
Tyrannosaurus Rexi of the North Country Lumber Jills --Plattsburgh Roller Derby
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On discovering healthy locking methods and cleansing one's past [30 Jun 2010|01:43pm]
Everyone here has been so awesome and friendly. Thanks!

Last weekend I was very inspired to get as much crap as possible out of my 9-month-old dreads. To recap, my dreadlocks were started with thread and Knottyboy wax, which I removed a week ago and continue to doctor for progress.

I've been using Knotty Boy dread shampoo pretty much exclusively, mostly because I need to dilute it down so much in order to get it to not cause a blizzard on my scalp. And even doing so, I always end up with a day or two of dandruff, which always makes me very, very self-conscious (with black hair, it's really noticeable).

Here's a BEFORE shot. This is after all the thread was removed but before I did anything else:

It's not fantastic but my dreads were a little limp, heavy, and of course a little bit tacky to the touch. This section is also where my real hair meets the sewn-in extensions.

Documentary and not at all complimentary shots of the deep cleaning processCollapse )

I will probably regret posting compromising photos of myself in due time, but I hope this is informative to folks out there and hey if you can't laugh at yourself then life ain't worth livin'.
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Hair peektures! 28 months [30 Jun 2010|02:40pm]
I started them March 2008, so it has been a little over two years now. I'm getting antsy to cut them soon, so maybe within the next year or so.

I was taking some photos for some of my etsy items recently (it's the only time I whip out the old camera anymore) and of course there were great hair shots!

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Well, they've been started. [30 Jun 2010|04:17pm]
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Had some setbacks [sis-in-law backcombed incorrectly] but I've got about half my head dreaded. Forty-one (41) total, with 24 in braids so we could remove the rubberbands. Banding my roots was starting to give me a headache [I'd had them in since Saturday], so the braided sections won't get tangled, and less stress on my head. Given the time it's taken to start them, it'll probably be Friday before they're completely finished; to ensure a good start on the locking process, I won't wash until a week after the last one is backcombed. [Since it's taken so long, I'm getting the itchies like crazy and need to wash before doing any new ones, and so I don't destroy the ones I've made by scratching.]

A few pics behind the cut, and a generic description of my process just for anyone who's curious :)

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Stay happy and healthy, GuDu'ers :) Thanks for being such an intelligent and happy comm. Much love.

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In addition to 4 yrs of dreads.. i'm lookin for a travel buddy...JA on July 17th for Reggae Sumfest? [30 Jun 2010|05:12pm]

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A photo plus a travel question [30 Jun 2010|06:33pm]
Hello GUDUers.

So this is me...

Now that I have posted a photo of myself and I believe kept this post acceptable to the community rules I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with dreadlocks. My general schedule for the last couple of years has been to tree-plant during the summer and then travel during the fall/winter. Last year I visited Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina. The previous year I went to England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. I am currently trying to decide where I should go this year. I would like to travel somewhere in Asia as well as somewhere in Africa. I am having a difficult time trying to decide where in Africa I would like to visit. I know a lot of you are travelers as well and I would like to know... Have any of you traveled anywhere in Africa and would you be able willing to either briefly or in full detail share some of those experiences with me? I would especially love to hear from anyone who has had a positive experience as a volunteer in Africa. In exchange if you have any travel questions about any of the places Ive been I will gladly answer them for you!

Thank you for being an awesome community of dreadlocked lovelies!
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[30 Jun 2010|11:35pm]

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