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I NEED YOU DREADIE BETTIES! [01 Jul 2010|12:03am]

Anyone in the NJ tri-state area???
My clothing line ' Dreadie Bettie' is going to be released in late August...
 first i need some girls to model for pictures!

then i need girls who would want to come to the release show walk and dance around to the music wearing clothes from dreadie bettie.

i cant pay you... thats why im looking for people around my area, but you will get some dreadie bettie merchandise, and during the photo shoots  youll get lunch and drinks and such, and a good time, maybe even a hike or something??ohh and youd get copies of all the pictures for your self, and we have some really really really sweet photo shoot ideas!

Im in sussex county so anyone around my area.... id love you foreverrr

heres a pic from the other day... you cant really see it but i made my shirt! :)

Also, Who will be at the Rainbow Gathering??? leaving tomorrow morning and ill be there till monday or tuesday look for me!
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Dread shapliness! [01 Jul 2010|12:45am]
First of all, I just wanted to say  THAT'S SOME SERIOUS PINEAPPLE HEADDDDD!

Now that that's taken care of, I wanted to show you some of the silly shapes my now solid dreads have taken...

Onward to the squiggly wiggly dreads! Collapse )

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Question about blunting tips + World Cup fever [01 Jul 2010|09:57am]
Hey, y'all. Time flies and my knotty hair-clumps (almost dreads) are 9 months old!

I wasn't going to round the tips at all, but the way they've been shrinking and knotting up, most of them have 3 or 4 inches of really scraggly hair that's refusing to comply. So I started ripping-and-twisting the very ends and sewing them up. All good, right?

But maybe 10 of my dreads are only dreaded halfway down -- like 5 inches from my head, and then it's all loose, silky hair with not a knot. I've been leaving them the fuck alone, hoping they would do something, but noooo -- the dreaded part gets tighter and awesomer, but the loose hair stays the same. These are mostly the ones underneath on the sides of my head.

What should I do about these? Should I rip-and-twist them and then sew their ends in? I don't want to have half a head of short fat blunt ones and then a bunch of scragglies at the bottom. On the other hand, I obviously don't mind that much walking around with a head of funny-looking hair, soooo...

[Bonus confounding variable: I'm going to see Katie in six weeks or so (hi, Katie!), so I could wait and have her do anything I can't do myself.]

And just so this isn't all text: here's what I've been doing for the past two weeks.

ETA: I did it tonight! Super cute. I'll have to post pix soon... maybe tomorrow after Brasil win? ;]
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Thunderbowl! [01 Jul 2010|04:08pm]
Mini bowl!

Dreads + Mini bowl + awesome cherry top = win!

(and I did win the game too - hehehee!)
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damaged dreads needed love [01 Jul 2010|08:29pm]
I used a protein treatment on my dreads today and I am really happy with how it turned out so I thought I would share my experience. It's not the brand recommended before by our lovely lishd (she recommends Apoghee i used "Ion keratin protein rebuilder" but i just got a one use packet not this big bottle here: http://www.sallybeauty.com/damaged-hair-treatment/ION25,default,pd.html#reviews)

After bleaching my hair so many times and then dying it back darker, I noticed I had all these 'white spots' on the more damaged ends of my dreads, which basically are the stubby ends of hair cuticles or something like that.... almost looked like dandruff. well after using the protein treatment they are pretty much completely gone!! i was not expecting that!

my hair is shinier and the tips just seem so much healthier and all my hair feels stronger. I had tried using conditioner on my dreads recently and holy crap, my hair got sooo elastic feeling and seriously felt like chunks were gonna fall out, i was scared. but this definitely didn't feel like that, which I was a little worried about!

ahhh, feels so good to be enjoying my dreads again!
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